Invite your contacts to exclusive online viewings of your collections.
Share your collection with private access
  • Create personal viewing experiences of selected works from your collection.
  • Easily curate your Private Room by selecting specific works and related details like title, price, and condition. You control the amount of information to share in each room.
  • Share your unique groupings by email with a private link.
Curate and collaborate with ease
  • Invite family members, colleagues, or other interested parties to exclusive online viewings of particular works or your entire collection.
  • Create private online rooms to share images and details with third parties such as appraisers, insurance companies, estate planners and other professionals.
  • Coordinate loans and exhibition details with a simple interface that makes collaboration clear and effortless.
Securely share sensitive information
  • Decide who has access to your collection details. Share information by invitation and password protect your Private Room.
  • Withdraw access to a Private Room at any time.
  • Choose the images and information you wish to share in the Private Room
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